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This page will provide you with detailed instructions on how to login to your iCBtrader back office.

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iCBtrader Updates

Crypto Navigator:
Crypto IQ is functional and available to purchase on iCBtrader.net and iCBtrader.com as well as on the 0032/0032x & the 0035/0035x iWebaTool pages.

Crypto Accelerator is not available at this time. As soon as it is, we'll let you know. (Hopefully before then end of August)

Equities Navigator:
Is scheduled for late August soft roll out for people who opted into the Equities VIP

Forex Navigator:
Is scheduled for late September soft roll out. As soon as we get more details, we'll let you know.

Startups Navigator:
We are updating some of the components of the Startups. It is still available in the iCB back office. As soon as we get the updated components in place, we will list it on the iCBtrader.com and iCBtrader.net sites and re-open the 0033 and 0033x in iWebaTool. Look for this to happen in late August.

Update on ChoiceTrade

On Saturday August 3, 2019, Wefunder sent two separate versions of an email about the status of the ChoiceTrade offering.  Both versions had the same subject, "Your investment application has been canceled" and had content that went on to state that "Your application to invest has been automatically canceled" under Rule 301(c)(2) of Regulation Crowdfunding.  Wefunder cited the regulation since it gives them the latitude to cancel an offering or exclude investors for whatever reason they choose.  

The first version stated that the investor would be automatically refunded.  The second version stated that the investor's investment had been "confirmed", but that the investor had the right to request a refund. 

If you received the email stated that you have been confirmed and you believe the stock will grow from $2.00 to $60.00 over the next couple years, simply do nothing.  Why request a refund when the stock is projected to have its share price go from $2.00 to $60.00 over the next couple of years?

There is nothing that you need to do if you received the second email stating that you will be automatically refunded.  

If you received a refund, we suggest you keep watching for updates on this because the probability is high that ChoiceTrade will launch another offering.  In 2018, approximately 700 investors invested as little as $99 to purchase ChoiceTrade shares at $1.50 from the online platform of Net Capital who is a rival to Wefunder. 

If you were a) confirmed, b) refunded or c) missed the deadline to invest and want to invest as soon as the shares again become available to purchase, we recommend that you become a member of Trophy Investing.  It's a startups research site which specializes in finding high caliber startups which have minimum investments of $100.  Trophy Investing has covered ChoiceTrade since 2018, and the site has several articles, research reports and videos about the company.   Trophy keeps its members informed about all offerings.  

DC University:
We are still offering one FREE week of classes. CLICK HERE to register.
We are presently offering access to the classes for 6-month at an unbelievable price. This price will change without notice.

Dentalium Capital Update:
Coming soon.